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WordPress SEO Made Simple, Easy and Free!

WordPress SEO Made Simple, Easy and Free!

WordPress SEO Made Simple, Easy and Free!

In the world we live in, any business that hopes to thrive needs to have a web presence, which means having a website platform. This may seem discouraging if you do not know how to make a website from scratch and do not want to pay hundreds of dollars to have a web designer create a site for you. Fortunately, you have other options, such as the use of a blogging site like WordPress. A blog is a good way to represent your business, and WordPress can be your best friend when it comes to search engine optimization, or SEO. The use of SEO is what draws people to your page via the use of search engines, as it optimizes the use of keywords on your site to drive your page to the top of the search engine listings.

SEO Benefits Of WordPress

One of the primary benefits of WordPress for SEO as a business website platform is the ease with which content can be added. All you have to do is type your entry, and the easy to use editor will allow you to edit it to your specifications, adding links, images or other formatting. This simple push button format is far more intuitive than updating through complex code and allows you to generate more content which optimizes your website for search engines. Another factor that makes WordPress an excellent choice for a business site is the fact that it is open source. When software is open source, that means that anyone can download the software for free. You do not necessarily have to download the software. If you do not have a domain for your website, you can just make a free blog on the WordPress website, but if you do have a domain, installing WordPress on the server is quick and easy and will make updating your site a breeze. As an open source program, WordPress is constantly being improved upon.

Custom URL’s for SEO

Because search engine optimization is so important, WordPress allows you to customize the URLs of your blog entries to contain only your most important keywords without additional strings that confuse search engines and push your site off of the results list. This is very important when optimizing your site to be a top search engine result. Having clean code is another upside to using WordPress as a platform for a business site. If you make an investment in a premium theme, the code will have been checked multiple times and will be optimized for your site.

Categories & Tags Also Play a Roll in Search Engine Optimization

WordPress makes use of things like categories and tags to sort entries, which is very compatible with search engine optimization. You can easily find and edit entries which relate to certain topics by navigating using the categories and tags. This is one of the best features when you need to find and edit something in a hurry. The built-in RSS feature of WordPress helps to spread the word about your site by allowing you to place the site in feed directories that will syndicate every update you make in order to increase your audience.

You Can’t Measure What You Don’t Track

One of the best parts of search engine optimization is being able to track and interpret the results of your hard work, and in order to do that, you need tools which can analyze your web traffic. WordPress allows you to install Google analytics software in order to see how your web traffic is sourced and how your keywords are performing. Google Webmaster Tools also syncs with WordPress and SEO to create a more dynamic understanding of your website performance.

Auto Pinging Is A Simple SEO Method for Wordpress

One extremely effective tool used by WordPress for SEO users is auto pinging. Auto pinging indicates that as soon as you update your content, WordPress reaches out to search engines and invites them to read your website and update their cached copy of the site. This means new SEO keywords you use will be related to your site in searches from then on. Finally, an extremely beneficial aspect of using WordPress as your business site platform are the number of plugins that can be used with it. There are many SEO related plugins which will help you to streamline your use of SEO so that your optimization is effective. All in all, the use of WordPress for SEO to optimize your business is one of the best strategies available.

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